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Customers Speak Out and REVEAL THE RAW TRUTH About That "Loan Approval Expert," Laura Kostyo.
This gal, Laura Kostyo promises all sorts of things to customers about getting the best loan.  She uses strategies and get us the best loans ever.
Did your loan company bait and switch your rate?  Every time I see and ad for one of these deals, I thought who would believe this.  Laura doesn't need ads to prove her work, she does the work and gets the approval.
Did you feel the big disappointment when your loan didn't go through and you lost your dream house?  Laura is always there to help and gets the job done.
Bet you didn't know that the average loan fails 50% of the time with most loan officers.  That's why all these customers below use the "LOAN APPROVAL EXPERT", she does the job. 
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Want the RAW TRUTH about the "Loan Approval Expert?"
Read what Laura's customers have to say...
"I was helping my daughter to get a home, after a her very bad divorce.  Laura came in and helped me get the loan in just 3 weeks from a For Sale By Owner. It wasn't simple dealing with the owner and Laura just moved the process forward with the owner and lender. I never had to worry about getting the loan because Laura was so persistent.  I have bought 8 other houses and I can say this was the smoothest, easy deal I have ever had.  I still can't believe how simple and easy working the loan was working with Laura.  I highly recommend her to anyone for a great loan with a simple process.
Mary Kay, Sun City, AZ
Short Memo:
From: Laura Kostyo, Founder of the Easy Home Buying Program
I appreciate you coming to my site.  Just like you I have been a frustrated buyer.  Over the last 5 years I have been working with buyers who did not get the loan they want and lost their dream home.  
I would like to help you avoid the pitfalls practiced by other brokers and make your home buying more pleasurable.  I would like to share with you for free, a special report I compiled based on my 12 years of industry experience.
Another Story:
"I can't begin to tell you how much Laura has helped me.  She has done 4 loans for me.  The first one was to get me out of debt and buy a new car before I retired.  That relieved me of so many responsibilities and still kept my payment resonable.  She is always looking after me, so when the interest rates really dropped she refinanced my loan to an even lower payment.  When it was time to leave the neighborhood I was in she found me a great realtor and then got me into my new home.  It was everything I'd dreamed of, a home only 2 years old and we my equity my loan was about the same I paid in my old condo.  Laura has made every process easy and painless.  I never would have the home of my dreams without Laura's help.  If you want someone who can do the job, hire Laura now!"
Jackie L, Phoenix, AZ
Here is some information:
The truth behind the closing costs and what most lenders don't want you to know.
The straight scoop on the low interest rate loans. 
Discover why big mortgage companies bait and switch you and then lock you into a loan that puts you at risk for losing your house and savings.
The top 5 questions you need to ask your lender before you decide to work with them.
Real Facts about little or no money down.  All the commercials and books about getting rich for free, is it real and how does it work.
Another Customer: "I just wanted to let you know what a great job Laura did to get me a loan.  Not only did she help at every step but Laura went the extra mile and helped me remove an old lien from my credit report.  She also spent time explaining how to clean up my credit report.  Laura called me to let me know the progress of the loan and was there for me every step of the way.  Mine was not an easy loan; I had been turned down by others.  Laura took on the challenge and a miracle happened for me.  I highly recommend Laura if you have any challenges because of her persistence in getting the job done at a great interest rate."
Victoria Porter, Avondale, AZ
The truth about the lowest rate scam.  I don't need to give you a report about this one.  If your always shopping for the lowest rate you always get screwed.
How to best prepare to buy your house even if you don't have the best credit rating.
I really want you to get the best mortgage you deserve and the house you want.  Don't let other inexperienced and unethical lenders push you into programs that won't work for you.
It would take you months to get all this information on your own, many buyers who have bought 3, 4 or 5 homes don't even know this.  Don't risk making the biggest decision of your life the wrong decision.  Get the straight facts and in-depth information you need for free.
Please don't leave this page without requesting your free report.  I'm here to help you.
Laura Kostyo, Founder of the Easy Home Buying Program
Contact Me 480-694-8807
"Laura has done a fantastic job for us over the years.  We refinanced our last home with her then went on to buy our current home with her help.  We also have been investing in rental property and Laura knows how to get the best deals. We tried to use the bank my husband worked for at the time and Laura got us a better deal.  We could hardly believe she did that much better.  Laura has made every deal, especially when we are buying a rental quick and easy.  We can say that we will never use another lender with the long meetings, explanations, and paperwork.  They were always harder to deal with and much more demanding than Laura and never got us the best rates. We would never consider using anyone else and recommend her for any buying."
Lisa and Charles J, Phoenix, AZ
P.S.  Go ahead and check out the online mortgage brokers.  And remember when you meet turbulance who will help you through and go to bat for you.  NO ONE will be there for you, you are just a number and if you don't get through TOO BAD!!

P.P.S. If you really want to shop for the lowest rate and are willing to let them screw you over, then don’t call me!  If you want to know the truth I will give you the real facts.  Call 480-694-8807.

I can’t quote you a rate without knowing you, your credit score, your income, your situation and if you have general questions I can help you.

Take advantage of our FREE REPORTS click the button to your left.
For Example: Free Report Reveals How to get the lowest payment not just the lowest interest rate.
Turbulance - Let's face it there is turbulance with every loan.  No matter how much we are prepared we get more questions and more documents needed.  You want someone whose gone successfully through that turbulance many times and I'm the pilot who will lead you out of the turbulance and make a safe, secure landing.  No matter what is asked or what needs to be documented I've already done it before.  You want someone who has faced down the turbulance many times not just once or twice.  And even if its a little different I have the knowledge to get it done and fight tooth and nail for you. 
If you are shopping for rates you will always get the best story teller in town.  How will the story teller stand up to TURBULANCE?
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As a Mortgage Consultant, I have made the conscious decision to run my business differently than the "traditional salespeople".  Rather than rush you into a program that pays the most money.  I help you review your options and help you select the right loan program for your specific situation.  You will not find me cold-calling in the evenings or knocking on doors during the weekends because my business comes from referrals--not traditional sales tactics.  My goal is to make your experience so great that you cannot wait to share your experience with your family, friends and colleagues.  Your personal recommendation is the greatest compliment I can receive.
Wealth Building Coach working By Referral Only.  Call 866-875-5008 ext 1 and listen to what that means to you or call 480-694-8807 to get started now.